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"Amazing class, great instructors, they make you feel safe and what could be an intimidating experience​"

"I feel so powerful and confident doing these big moves in the slks with the great directions!​"

"This was an excellent beginners class..... I can’t wait to do it again"​

"Great instructions! Fun and challenging poses. Very welcoming for first time doing class"

"Awesome way to try aerial yoga. I am trying to restore and rebuild my muscles with a herniated disc. The instructor Jenny was amazing and had an extremely soothing voice! I felt at peace and relaxed leaving the studio.​"

"Such a fun way to do yoga"

"Loved my 1st class!! Kassi was an excellent instructor- was encouraging, detailed and had it be fun and energetic, ending with a relaxing time. 🙏 Definitely going back! I'm hooked!"

"So great! I’m always learning something new.... and they say to do something that scares you just a little everyday... well I can tick that off my list today after learning how to DROP! The crash mats give you the confidence to let go and trust that YOU GOT THIS... not to mention Kassi is such a thorough instructor so you feel completely informed and safe as you master each new drop."

"Relaxing & amazing experience! Our instructor was patient & very courteous. If I lived in Phoenix, I’d definitely do this multiple times a week! Great overall experience!"

"Kassi McGivern is an inspiring teacher. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be having the time of my life playing around in 'silk butt floss' 😂 in my 60's. Thank you Kassi for your gentle guidance and inspiration.🙏🕉️"

"My first experience with aerial yoga and Desert Air Yoga was amazing. I had the best experience and felt super comfortable. Would highly recommend this studio."

"Obsessed!!!! Love the class I’ve only done 2 but hope to continue on and keep advancing!!! The class goes by so fast I never thought I would be the person who doesn’t want to stop working out!! I’m so happy I found this!"

"This was such a great class! Megan is an awesome teacher :)"

"Such a relaxing experience! My friends new to aerial and myself (more experienced) all felt challenged, but not pushed too hard. I love the way the hammocks deepen a lot of the stretching and make conditioning more fun!"

"The instructor/owner Kassi is so knowledgeable and sweet. All the details are covered in the studio and it’s quite the experience - highly recommend it!!"

"This class has been such a fun new adventure. Kassi is so awesome, she makes class a great learning experience!! We've had so much fun and feel so good when we leave there!!"

"Wonderful owner/instructor and delightful experience! As a person with very limited yoga experience, I was quite hesitant going in. The experienced proved to be relaxing as well as challenging, and I definitely want to go back!"

"It was so fun. I signed up for 10 classes. Can't wait for my next class!"

"This was such a nice class. And the special gift bag for first time guests was so cute. I’ll be back for sure!"

"Loved it! Great workout!"

"The instructor brought an amazing, positive energy to the class. It was challenging, but simple enough to follow along. The inversions felt great for my back and hips, and it was not stressful on my joints or hands like I thought it would be. Highly recommend!"

"So much fun! Jenni was amazing! This was my first time trying aerial yoga and she was so helpful through the entire thing. Highly recommend :)"

"This class was perfect for a beginner or someone with experience. Anabel made me feel very welcome and comfortable! I’ll be going again!"

"Amazing!! Kassi was incredible and super helpful and patient. Loved it can’t wait to really start!"

"Challenged from head to toe, honestly one of the best workouts I’ve done! Hard to not smile the whole time."

"This was a great introduction to aerial yoga! Good hip openers, some nice strength moves, a really beautiful yin practice. I LOVED shavasana cocooned in the swing - that was the best! Will definitely go again!"

"Great studio, awesome instructors, atmosphere is great and the instructors are laid back yet keep an eye on everything you do! If you think you can't, you can! Honestly there is a class for everyone and the benefits are awesome"

"Really impressive how quickly we were able to learn fun new moves. What a skill set our teacher had teaching the entire class and making it really fun. I have done a lot of yoga and the sensation of floating was phenomenal but more amazing was the teaching! Thanks for a great first experience!"

"My fiancée and I came to a class at Desert Air Yoga on their opening day. It was awesome! The studio has a bunch of silks hanging from the ceiling that you use throughout the class. The owner, Kassi, showed us some really cool aerial yoga moves and inversions. She worked our core hard, but then we got to lay out, fully suspended in the air during shavasana. This was definitely a tough, but fun workout. We'll be back!"

"My friends and I went to Scottsdale for my bachelorette party and one of the girls set up a private aerial yoga class with Kassi. Personally, I don't even do regular, on the ground yoga and am more of a barre and pilates girl, but I knew doing a class with my friends would be a fun time no matter what, so I was game. 

The class turned out to be the highlight of our trip. 

Kassi is AMAZING. She is so patient, honest, hilarious, and very good at explaining all of the moves and positions so that you always feel safe.  She is very hands on so if you're struggling with anything, she can offer tips, modifications, or will even just help you get to the final position. Turns out, this is an EXCELLENT work out and you will definitely feel it in your arms and core (huge bonus). It wasn't as difficult as I had thought and we were all able to do most of the positions. Aerial yoga is also just incredibly fun. It was such a nice way to work out as a group, learn something new, be challenged, and let the mind relax. So glad we put this on our itinerary for the weekend. 

I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone in the Scottsdale area. Definitely a great activity for a group, but if I lived closer, I would go alone for a regular class."

"This was my first time trying aerial yoga, and the experience was an absolute blast!

The owner/instructor Kassi was friendly and very funny. I loved the sassiness that was infused in the instruction. For those who are used to serious or solemn yoga classes, this one had me laughing throughout it.

I feel like my class was full of pretty fit/experienced yogis. I really couldn't see people in my life who don't work out regularly getting through the class without challenges. But, there was a student who had shoulder issues, and Kassiwalked her through a ton of options to still maximize her time in the class. My hunch is that those with any fitness level or non-experienced yogis would still have a great time. I feel like Kassi would be able to give personalized recommendations based on your comfort.

The class had everything that makes yoga amazing -- challenging poses that worked up a sweat, balance and agility, and meditative zen. I've done yoga for many years, but I still felt challenged throughout this class, because the aerial work was so new and different.

If you're looking for an enjoyable workout and something unique to try, I'd highly recommend giving Desert Air Yoga a go. It's great to have cool yoga options like this in the Valley!"

"This is a great addition to Scottsdale! If you're debating trying something new, stop thinking and book the next class! I do aerial dance in LA and tried to explain it to my grandma while visiting her in Arizona. She's 70 but still active and hilarious, so my mom, grandma, and I found Kassi's studio and went to a beginner yoga class. It was a lot of fun, and she was very accommodating to my grandmother even with a full class. I like that it was an hour and 15 minutes rather than just an hour, leaving more time for a relaxing shavasana at the end. The hammock even had essential oil sprayed on it for some extra relaxation. The hammocks weren't hung as high as I'm used to for drops and dance moves, but they seem like a perfect height for aerial yoga. The fabric itself was great quality, strong and non-pinching. Kassi was so kind and a very knowledgeable yoga instructor. She even gave the new attendees a gift before leaving! Definitely recommend."