Sanitation Policies and Procedures for a Safe and Healthy Studio Practice During Covid-19 Crisis

General Rules & Procedures for Class
Class Schedule Spacing for Sanitation

Classes are scheduled at least 30 minutes apart from one another. That allows for:

  1. Students to exit class – 5 minutes, single file procession guided by instructor.

  2. Sanitation of door handles, counters, and shared spaces – 10 minutes (see full list under Instructor Guide for Covid-19 Sanitation).

  3. Time for students to enter and set up for class – 15 minutes, single file procession guided by instructor.

Check-In Procedures

Due to limited class sizes, it is highly recommended that students pre-register for class.  

  1. Wait outside of the studio, teacher will indicate when you can enter the studio, one student at a time.

  2. Students will stand a minimum of 6 feet from the check-in counter and state their name to confirm class registration. 

  3. Students will give verbal confirmation that they have not experienced flu or covid like symptoms 24 hours prior to class.

  4. Student will leave their items in the cubby area and place their mat in designated area.

  5. Students will immediately wash their hands.

  6. Teachers will direct the flow of traffic for students to exit the studio.

Social Distancing During Class
  1. Class sizes: Hot Yoga 8, Aerial 6, Mat in Aerial Room 7.

  2. Tape is laid out in each room indicating where to place your mat. These have been measured to be a minimum of 6 feet apart.

  3. Students and teachers should maintain a 6-foot distance from one another throughout class, with exceptions for safety when inverting in aerial yoga classes.

  4. Please refrain from handshaking, hugging, or otherwise touching instructor or other students at the studio.        

Hand-On Assistance
  1. Mat: There will be no hands-on assists in any mat based (non-aerial) class.

  2. Aerial: Safety in aerial has always been, and remains the number 1 priority at Desert Sun Yoga. Teachers will be available for hands on assistance to maintain safety in class, but will rely on other teaching methods as much as possible. Please use a great deal of care as you learn new things to create a safe environment for yourself, your classmates, and your teachers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Prop Rentals
  1. Aerial Hammocks

  • All studio swings will be under a ‘single use’ protocol. Meaning they will be taken down and washed in between each and every use.

  • This protocol puts a heavy load on owner and laundress Kassi. Students are welcome to reach out to Kassi to purchase their own swing, or purchase a previously used swing from the studio.

  • Students that purchase their own swing without consulting with the owner will NOT be permitted to class with that swing. We need to ensure your fabric is of the correct length and integrity. Amazon purchases for aerial equipment is NEVER recommended.

  • BYOS Classes. Some classes will be for students that can Bring Their Own Swing only! If you intend to take one of these classes and want to purchase a studio swing, be SURE to contact Kassi ahead of time. It is not guaranteed there will be a swing available for your purchase. Students that sign up for this class and do not have their own swing will not be permitted to take the class and late cancellation policies will be enforced.

2. Mats

  • Students must have a yoga mat to attend class. Students that come to class without a mat can purchase a studio mat for $10 while supplies last.

3. Weights

  • Students will be provided 3 pound weights for ‘Yoga Sculpt’ and ‘HIIT and Stretch’ classes. These will be thoroughly sanitized after class.

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own weights or purchase weights from Desert Sun Yoga (limited supply)

4. All Other Props:

  • Desert Sun Yoga will not distribute these items for use in class, blocks, straps, bolsters, aerial pillows, blankets, etc.

  • Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own props to class or purchase them from Desert Sun Yoga, as these items might make class more comfortable.

  • Props will not be a central part to class as to not exclude students that do not have them.  

New Class Policies
Practice Caution

Do not come to class if you are feeling under the weather, including, but not limited to flu or covid-like symptoms. If you register for class and decide that it is best to cancel, please contact Kassi to ensure you are not charged any late cancel fees. If you DO cancel with the assumption that you have Covid symptoms, you will be asked to stay away from the studio for at least 14 days or until you have received a negative test result for Covid-19.

  1. Wearing masks can help mitigate asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus.

  2. Wearing a mask during cardiovascular exertion can cause oxygen deficiency and individuals can also overheat and pass out.

  3. Students are welcome to wear masks in class, but it will not be required.

  4. For safety, we do NOT recommend that students wear masks to any heated class.

  5. Instructors will not wear masks during class so they can effectively and clearly guide your practice. They will teach from their mat to help mitigate the spread of respiratory droplets.  

  6. Please act most responsibly for yourself and those you live with.

Super heroes wear masks to protect the people the love, you can to! If you have any reason to believe that you could be an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19, DO NOT COME TO CLASS. Wearing masks during physical exercise can be dangerous for individuals that have not trained to workout with oxygen deficiency. If you have any reason to suspect you have been exposed to the coronavirus, go to a testing site and get tested.

Class Cancellation

As our class sizes are dramatically impacted by social distancing and sanitation procedures, we will enforce temporary cancellation policies that are more stringent than our previously held policies.

  1. Cancellation Window: Students can cancel their class through Mindbody 2 hours ahead of class time without penalties.

  2. Late Cancellation: Students that cancel within the 2-hour window before class or fail to show for class will lose their class. Those on an unlimited pass will lose 2 days from their package.


Due to reduced class sizes and more managed entrance and exit of the studio, we ask that our clients maintain these policies as a courtesy to keep things running smoothly.

  1. Please arrive to class 15 minutes ahead of time so that everyone can be checked in and set up for class on time. Students that are not in class on time will not be permitted entrance and late cancellation policies will be applied.

  2. Please leave any unnecessary items that might slow the check-in process at home.

  3. Please arrive to all aerial classes without jewelry on. Removing jewelry takes MUCH more time than anticipated.

  4. Please be courteous of our other members and give them the opportunity to take class.

Instructor Guide for Covid-19 Safety in Studio Setting
Before Class
  1. Instructors are to do a self-assessment before entering the studio to confirm they do not have a fever and are not experiencing any sign of illness before class.

  2. The studio will be ‘clean’ from the previous instructor.

  3. Instructors will do a brief check that all surfaces and handles are clean and may choose to sanitize before their class.

  4. Students will wait outside of the studio until the instructor is ready for students to come in.

  5. Through the window, the instructor will wave for students to begin entering the studio, one at a time.

  6. Students will go directly to the cubbies to maintain a 6 foot distance from instructor during check-in.

  7. The instructor will ask for their name to confirm their reservation. Instructor will ask for a verbal confirmation that the student has not experienced any covid-like symptoms in the past 24 hours and has not been in contact with someone that has confirmed a positive test in the past 48 hours.

  8. Students without a reservation can sign up if there is space. They will wait at the cubbies until the instructor is ready for their receipt signature. If it is a new student, the instructor will type in the information for the student.

  9. Once a student has entered the designated ‘yoga area’ the instructor can give a signal for the next student to enter the studio.

  10. Aerial instructors will take swings from clean baskets and hang them for each student. If a student brings their own swing, they will hang the student's swing (only touching the o-ring). Instructors will sanitize their hands in between touching student o-rings.

  11. Students will stand at the wall end of their mats while the instructor sets up student fabric.

After Class
  1. Instructor will ask students to remain at their mats as students exit the yoga room and studio one at a time. Students can use this time to socialize, at their mats.

  2. Aerial instructors will take down swings for students that brought their own to class at this time.

  3. Once all students have exited the yoga room, instructor will use sanitary items to wipe down surfaces in this order:

  • Toilet handle

  • Bathroom safety rails

  • Bathroom sink faucet

  • Lid of bathroom trash can

  • Bathroom door handle first inner and then outer

  • Lid of studio trash and recycling bins

  • Thermometer surface (if it was touched during class)

  • Light switches

  • Aerial instructors will take down swings and place them in the ‘dirty’ basket.

  • With specified floor cleaner, the one-foot perimeter surrounding the designated mat spaces that were used, the 2-5” space within the perimeter of designated mat spaces that were used.

  • Door handle for the lobby door (inner and then outer)

  • Any cubbies used by students from class.

  • Reception desk surface

  • Tablet

  • Studio door handle (inner and then outer)

  • Instructor will lock the door or allow new instructor to enter the studio

Additional Instructions and Methods
  1. Instructor for hot yoga room will turn on exhaust fan to pull interior air out of the studio. This will remain on until the new instructor enters the room and begins the next class.

  2. The last instructor of the day will turn on the exhaust fan as soon as class is over, they will turn the exhaust fan off after cleaning the inner door handle for the lobby door and then exit the hot yoga room.

  3.  Weekday classes are exclusively hosted after 4:00 pm. Both room floors, bathrooms, and check-in areas will be thoroughly sanitized each day before classes. Weekend classes are exclusively hosted in the morning time. Both room floors, bathrooms and check-in areas will be thoroughly sanitized each day after classes.

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