Studio Policies and Etiquette

1. Booking

  • You can book your class up to 30 days ahead of time through our FitDegree app. Click the REGISTER button.

  • No calls or emails to reserve a spot. All reservations must be made online or in person. Reservations made through voicemail are not valid.

2. Cancellation Policies

  • Cancel on our online scheduling software. Cancellations made through phone or email are considered late. No exceptions.

    • Early Cancellations: Made at least  3 hours before the start of class - No penalty! 

    • Late Cancellations: Made within 3 hours before the start of class, or when you fail to arrive

    • Penalty for Late Cancellation: Lose your class. Those on an 'unlimited special' will be charged $12-$16 based on class type. 

3. When to Arrive

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for all classes. 

  • Students that arrive late will not be admitted to class, even if they call ahead. They will be subject to late cancellation policies.

  • Out of respect for our students and teachers class will start and end on time. 

4. Your Class Package

  • Class packages cannot be shared

  • Class packages cannot be exchanged between students

  • Class packages typically expire 30 days after the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified. 

5. Your Purchases

  • No refunds or extensions​ on class packages.

6. Personal Hygiene

  • We share our swings! Students are expected to observe proper personal hygiene before attending class.

  • Refrain from wearing strong perfumes.

  • DO NOT SMOKE or APPLY OILS before class! This causes irreparable damage to the silk fabric. 

7. No Jewelry

  • Wearing jewelry in your aerial class is both DANGEROUS and causes damage to the swings

  • No watches, rings, earrings, etc.

  • Items that cannot come off must be covered. 

8. Respect

  • While our regular students are welcome to practice to their desire, we will respect one another in class. Students that are causing distractions or putting other students at risk will be asked to stop or leave.

  • Students are expected to stay through the entire class, including savasana, to honor the sacred practice.

9. Age Appropriate

  • Students MUST be at least 15 years of age to attend an aerial yoga class. All other students must book a private session or party.

  • Students found to be lying about their age will be asked to leave without a refund.

10. Observers

  • Observations are uncomfortable for our students. As such we do not allow any one to observe class sessions.

  • Children, no matter how mild mannered, are distracting to our students. Children are not permitted to observe, read, sleep, listen to music at the studio while class is in session. Clients with extenuating circumstances are welcome to contact us to schedule private sessions.