New Client Special: 2 Weeks Unlimited Classes $25

*Available only to local residents. 

Visitor special available (7-days unlimited for $45)

Ready to Take Flight and Sweat It Out

You've heard about our unique offering of aerial yoga and infrared hot yoga classes! You know that aerial yoga looks exciting and fun, and that infrared hot yoga has many health benefits. It's time for you to see it for yourself. Our classes are an exhilarating and relaxing addition to your life. You'll gain confidence, strength, and flexibility you never thought possible. It all starts with your first class. 

How it Works
  • Your 2 week package begins on the day of your first class, not the day that you purchase.

  • We recommend that you reserve your class ahead of time online. It's the only way to guarantee you'll have a swing! Heated yoga classes have more space available than aerial yoga, but we still recommend pre-registering to guarantee there is space for you.

  • The pass is for 14 consecutive days. Take as many classes as you want!

  • It's okay to take more than one class a day.

  • Been on a long fitness break? We recommended taking a maximum of 4 classes a week.

Important Studio Etiquette
  • Arrive early! You forfeit your swing to the wait list if you are not in class 5 minutes before the start. No exceptions, no refunds.

  • Please observe proper personal hygiene prior to class. Avoid smoking or applying perfumes before taking class. 

  • No observations. Children are not allowed to sit in the studio while class is in session. You will be asked to leave, without a refund, if you attend class with a child.

Where Should I Start?
  • Take any of our 'Level 1' or 'All Levels' aerial yoga or hot yoga classes! You can learn more about our class styles here and here, and choose which ones spark your interest.

  • Do not take any class designated level 2 or higher until you meet the required criteria. Aerial classes vary drastically from studio to studio. If you meet the minimum requirements by taking classes at another studio, please take a class that is 1 level down. This will ensure that you know our vocabulary and have the same skills as our students. 

  • Meet as many of our teachers as you can and figure out whose style you enjoy the most. Every teacher has something unique to offer. Find out more about our teachers here.

What to Expect in My First Class?
  • Arrive to your class at least 10 minutes ahead of time.

  • Your swing will be adjusted for your individual height. Please note that this is not your average fitness or yoga class. We need time to get you set up. If you arrive on time you will miss important elements of the class. If you arrive late you will NOT be permitted entry.


  • Our teachers will ask you to remove ALL of your jewelry, rings, watches, small stud earrings, anything that might get you caught up in our fabric. Taking hot yoga? Wear any and all the jewelry your heart desires!

  • You will use a yoga mat in every class. If you have one that you love to use, bring it! But don't worry if you don't have one. We have mats that you can use for free. It is highly recommened to use your own mat for hot yoga. Bring a towel as well!

  • Expect to use the swing the whole time! Whether you're in a yin class, restorative, or general aerial yoga class. You'll be using the swing to get assistance in your yoga practice. Taking a hot yoga class? Expect to sweat! Come hydrated.

What's After My 2 Week Special?

We know that you'll be hooked after your 2 week special is over! Everyone has different circumstances and priorities in life so we have many different packages you can chose from to keep you aerial yoga journey alive and well!  


Check out all of our different options here.

From out of town, please be courteous to our studio! As a small business, we try to offer great services at a fair price. The new student special gives local students the opportunity to try many different classes and see if it's a good fit for them. This ends up costing the studio quite a bit of money, as we pay our teachers per student. If you are coming from out of town, please get our visitor special (1 week unlimited for $45), or other suitable package for your stay.

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