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Want to level up your aerial practice? This is the bootcamp for you!


This bootcamp is all about conditioning, technique and skill building for aerial hammock tricks. You'll learn how to do every move with grace.


Pre-Requisites: Student should have at least 3-5 all levels aerial classes under their belt to join this boot camp.

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Best class for new level 2 students.

Pre-Reqs: Student must be familiar with level 1 seat belt and hip hang inversions. Recommended student feels comfortable performing an "easy roll." No experience in acrobatics required.

Class Description: The perfect addition to your aerial practice. This is a fusion of aerial yoga and acrobatics.

Students will be introduced to new tricks in a step-wise manner, able to do as much or a as little as they want. Class will be highly supervised and assisted.

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Pre-Reqs: Must be able to access basic inversions without hands on assistance. (Seat belt, hip hang, bound angle, locust). Required 5 aerial level 1 classes before attending.

Class Description: This class will focus heavily on breathing, alignment, and basic yoga techniques. Class will flow through basic aerial yoga wraps and poses with greater fluidity, with an added focus on transitions and inversions. Students will rely more on verbal cues as they gain more trust, comfort, and intuition in the fabric.

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Equipment: Students must bring their own mat. Recommended students bring their own swing, studio will provide swings for students if needed. 

All Levels: Appropriate for students with no aerial, barre, or yoga experience. Students should be able to hold a plank for 30 seconds.

Class Description: This class uses classic techniques and movements inspired from Barre and yoga for a fun and unique workout. Students use the swing for support and stabilization as they add focus on their aerial practice. Great class for students that want an extra challenge or want to graduate to level 2.

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Equipment: Students must bring their own mat and yoga block. Students are required to bring their own swing. 

Pre-Reqs: Students must be familiar with all level 1 inversions. Best for students that are comfortable performing an "easy roll" trick.

Class Description: Get a full body workout in this one hour aerial class. Here we combine an aerial yoga based warm up, with a 12 minute HIIT workout in the swing, and finish the class by introducing the building blocks for level 2 aerial yoga tricks. The aerial hammock offers a unique challenge for students to find balance as we work through different conditioning exercises.

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Equipment: Students must provide their own aerial hammock and yoga block.

Join us in this 3-part hammock series for advanced aerialists (minimum 6 months experience with ability to straddle invert in the air).


Month 1 - Condition

Month 2 - Tricks

Month 3 - Fluidity


Develop a strong sense me of independence in the hammock through strength, technical skill, and fabric theory.


No class on July 2nd.

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