Frequently Asked Questions

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General Studio Questions
Should I pre-register for class?

For best instruction and safety we offer small class sizes. It is recommended to pre-register for classes to ensure you have a spot. Register here

Can I make a reservation over the phone or by email?

No. Questions are best directed via email:

Can beginners come?

Absolutely! Brand new students are encouraged to take any 'drop-in' class labeled as 'All Levels' See our schedule to book your spot!

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a relatively new approach to a traditional yoga practice.  We use a silk fabric called a ‘hammock’ or ‘swing’ to support the weight of our bodies, helping us achieve various postures with more depth, ease and excitement. See the benefits of aerial yoga.

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Will the swing hold me? What's the weight limit?

YES! Safety is our NUMBER 1 priority.


Each piece of equipment has been engineered to hold several thousand pounds. The full structure was designed, installed, and inspected by certified engineers. All exercise entails some level of risk, and aerial yoga is no different.


All instructors are 200 hour certified yoga instructors that have an additional 50 hours of training and certifications in aerial yoga instruction.  It is essential that you inform your instructor of any existing medical issues, injuries, or other concerns before beginning class and review the “Can I take aerial yoga?” section below to ensure you do not have a condition that may prevent your practice.

Who can take aerial yoga?

Both men and women at least 15 years of age are able to take an aerial yoga class. There are a few contraindications that might keep someone away from the aerial yoga swing.

  • Very high or low blood pressure 

  • Easy onset vertigo 

  • Glaucoma

  • Recent surgery 

  • Heart disease 

  • Osteoporosis 

  • Bone weakness 

  • Recent head injury 

  • Cerebral sclerosis 

  • Propensity for fainting 

  • Artificial hips 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 

  • Severe arthritis 

  • Sinusitis 

  • Head cold

  • Pregnancy

  • Obesity

If anything above applies to you aerial yoga may not be the best place for you. If you're not sure send us a message and we will be sure to answer any questions you have. 

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What should I wear?

Form fitting yet breathable exercise apparel. Silky pants and shorts are not ideal in aerial yoga. 

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