Four ways to practice at Desert Sun Yoga
1. Intro to Aerial Yoga and/or Intro to Aerial Tricks - Available to anyone! Perfect for first timers that aren't sure how they feel about aerial. We break things down step by step and give in-depth explanations on the why's and how's. Book Here
2. Drop-In Classes - Available to anyone! Fun for all levels! Book Here
3. Enrollment Courses - Upper Level Classes. Students automatically register for 3-6 classes when they sign up for a course. Consistency helps students build strength and independence in their practice. Pre-requisites include: basic aerial vocabulary, mastery of certain skills (defined in class description), and certain number of classes or months of practice (defined in the description). Book Here
4. Open Studio - Come practice on your own! Move at your own pace, create your own flows, or just hang out! Instructor is available to answer questions and ensure safety, but will not guide students through any movements, warm-up or cool down. Book Here

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 Private Sessions 

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