Advanced Aerial Teacher Training - 50 HR

Training taught exclusively for aerial hammock.

You’ve advanced in your aerial practice, you feel confident in your knowledge and abilities, and you’re ready to share your passion with others. That’s awesome!


Teaching advanced aerial is a great way to sharpen the skills you already have, to challenge yourself, to create a community for others, and have fun. As an advanced aerial instructor, you’ll find your job is both easier and more challenging than it is as beginner level instructor. This 50 hour advanced training will help provide the tools you need for success as an advanced aerial instructor!

12-Week Program Focus:


  1. What makes an advanced aerial class & student

  2. Equipment & rigging

  3. Beginners Aerial Recap

  4. Advanced Aerial Theory

  5. Advanced Aerial Class Structure

  6. Application of Theory & Class Structure for 4-Week Programs

  7. 4-Week Class Structure Presented for 6 intentions

  8. Step-by-Step Instruction for 30 Advanced Aerial Tricks


To complete certification students must:

  1. Complete weekly homework assignments

  2. Attend weekly Saturday seminar (student is allowed up to 1 absence and can make up material in a private session with Kassi). Due to Covid-19 we will be flexible with virtual attendance if student is able to make up physical hours in 'open studio time'

  3. Present a 4-week program and teach a 1 hour class based on that program. Completed in the 2 final weeks of our training program.

Email Kassi to get fill out your application to see if it's a fit. Application process is free. Accepted student cost: 

Members $900

Non Members $1,200

$400 deposit to save your spot.

Along with the training students will receive​

  • Advanced Aerial Teacher Training Manual

  • Membership Status for Complimentary Open Studio Sessions

Note, manuals, and open studio sessions are available AFTER the first day of training.